Breaking Ground Organics is a proud supplier of certified organic seeds and seedlings. Through our certification, we are able to offer transparency and assurance of our claims. We are a small company that believes in building trusting relationships and valuing honest relations. We don’t only want to grow business but grow people’s minds and have them share in the journey towards nutritional food security and food sovereignty.

The importance of supporting an organically certified seed supplier cannot be stressed enough. Certified organic seed suppliers and growers are seriously committed to the agro ecological philosophy because they understand the impact it has on protecting the environment, social justice and consumers’ health. Buying from a certified organic seed distributor ensures that the seeds are produced and the parent plant is grown without synthetic fertilisers conventional pesticides, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering (GMO’s).

Growers that care enough about this philosophy take the time, energy and money to pursue organic certification to enable them to give their customers peace of mind when supporting their business. So, if you are seeking out a supplier of organic seeds then please request to see their certification from one of the international certifying bodies in South Africa.

Breaking Ground is certified by Ecocert and their contact details can be found here

By providing quality certified seed, we aim to encourage growth and success for all growers and farmers . The more growers and farmers who source organic seed and grow agro-ecologically then the greater chance we have of preserving and saving our soil health which is the basis of human and environmental health.

We offer a wide variety of Organic Certified seeds and seedlings.

Please contact us directly for pricing and availability, we offer bespoke services and work hard to source a wide variety to cater for your specific needs.

Please note there is a lead time for items or quantities out of stock and we can assist in your seasonal planning and ordering process.

Please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Contact number : 072 388 2400